October 23, 2019 2 min read

Awesome Halloween outfits for little girls with big imaginations

It’s that time of year again! With Halloween and Christmas right around the corner, many of us will have some very excitable children on our hands. Getting creative with costumes is a fantastic way to stimulate your child’s imagination, but what if they’re bored of the same old ghosts and witches?

We’ve put together these fun outfit ideas to help your little explorer express her personality. Based around three of our best-selling leggings, these costumes come together with just a snip of the scissors and a touch of tape. So not only will you get a great pair of leggings she’ll want to wear again and again, you’ll win serious parent points for some fabulous fancy dress.

  1. ‘Plane and simple’ 

Do you have a miniature Emilia Earhart in the family? Girls like planes too and the aviation industry has plenty of room for aspiring female pilots. We’ve come up with this costume to take your daughter’s imagination to new heights. All you’ll need is a pair of our light purple Fly-Girl leggings, a couple of cardboard boxes and some paint. Start with a basic cardboard box and cut out the tail, wings and propeller. Paint on some go faster stripes and add a pair of goggles and you’ve got yourself the ultimate aviator.

  1. In a galaxy far, far away.

Is your little girl a STEM sister? Our premium cotton Astro-Girl leggings are inspired by Sally Ride, Ellen Ochoa, and Mae Jemison – all super space explorers. Cut out a circle in the side of a cardboard box, stick or paint on some buttons and levers and, if you’re feeling really creative, you could even create a cardboard rocket; lots of fun to paint and decorate.

  1. I am woman, hear me roar.

Who doesn’t like dinosaurs? We think they’re cool, and if your daughter does too then we’ve got the perfect costume for her. Our colourful She-Rex leggings are inspired by the T-riffic palaeontologists Mary Anning and Dr. Lisa White. For an archaeologist outfit, you’ll need a pair of binoculars, a hat and a sense of adventure! It’s a look that will never go extinct.

The best bit of all of these outfits is the fun you’ll have putting them together. Making memories is just as important as making costumes, after all.

All of our leggings are durable, colourful and designed to inspire and empower your little ones. They have tear-away tags on the bottom left ankle, so you won’t get complaints about “the itchies”, and each have our slogan, “YES I CAN” embroidered on them in gold lettering.

Whichever outfit you choose, enjoy making it together and have a spook-tacular Halloween!