September 23, 2019 2 min read

Four Ways to Make Learning Fun at Home

If you spend enough time with your children, you will quickly understand their learning style. Once you are armed with that knowledge it becomes easy to make learning fun in the classroom, at home, and around town. After all, learning should be fun! When the subject is not a chore, or a bore, and packed full of interesting things, that’s when high interest learning kicks in. This is the time your child will remember what they've learned, rather than learning “parrot fashion” and not really understanding.

Here are some ideas you can try yourself, and it won’t only be your children enjoying themselves:

  1. First, you don’t need to spend lots of money, use everything at your disposal in the environment around you. Children are never too young to learn about money, that’s why we grow up with plastic registers, toy coins, and toy money. If you’ve ever gone grocery shopping with an unhappy child, here’s a way to make shopping - and learning- more enjoyable. Starting before you leave home give your child a budget and ask them to make a shopping list. As they go around the market, they will need to find the items on their list, keep track of spending, weigh out any loose produce, and even pay and check their change at the checkout. This is what we like to call the ‘Treasure Hunt Shop’. Give it a cool name, and the kids usually jump on board.
  1. Our top tip for tackling the tricky subjects, turn everything into a performance! As long as your child is happy to play-act around you and their siblings, this is a great one to have some fun with. Who wouldn’t want to put on a home-made sandwich board and pretend to be a mathematical symbol? Depending on how many there are of you, call on some of your friends and family to join in, the kids will be dramatically adding and subtracting in no time. Let’s face it, children start life playing, keeping them playing for as long as possible really develops their creativity and imagination. It’s also a super fun way of learning history by acting out key moments in time!
  1. If you have a child who loves to draw, drawing is a great way to learn. Start with comic strip stories, leave the writing alone in the first instance and let them freestyle. Storyboarding for learning at its finest. It also stretches the imagination when trying to work out how to convey a message in pictures only. Here is a link to some of our favorite Fly-Girl coloring pages for your child to enjoy!
  1. If you ever need to test your children for anything, creating your own quiz show is much more fun than simply asking questions. Anyone for a game of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’

The easiest and the most fun your child can have learning is for you to be yourself; let them see the fun and silly side of you and immerse yourself fully if you want them to join in with your crazy ideas.