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Imagine a woman in trousers at a time when women were expected to be feminine, in the kitchen, with the children.

Imagine a woman determined to set her own path in a time when women were not even allowed the vote.

Imagine any human, woman or man, taking flight in an invention that did not exist at the time of her birth in 1897. The first plane she saw was invented by the Wright brothers 1908, she was 11. Not only did she later board an aircraft and become known as an aviator; but, she also flew the plane - alone - across the Atlantic. Courage and skill: a pioneer for humanity, a true wonder woman!

A brief history of the life of Amelia Earhart

Born in Atchison, Kansas in July 1897, Amelia Earhart was the child of a railroad worker.  As she grew, she had a love of play. She would collect frogs, she would learn to shoot, and she played baseball.  She was not a typical girl of her time, she had the aspiration for adventure and learned to love flying when she crashed a roller coaster invented with her uncle.

She first made her name first by flying to 14000 feet, the highest a female had ever flown.  She received a ticker tape parade for being part of a team who flew the Atlantic, landing in Wales in 1928.  In 1932, she seemingly did the impossible and flew a single-engine plane solo across the Atlantic. Although she was meant to land in Paris, she instead was forced by bad weather and extreme danger to land in Ireland.  Earhart was rewarded for her courage with the Distinguished Flying Cross by Congress in the US.

Amelia Earhart went missing on a flight in 1937, where she aimed to travel around the world.  She disappeared somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and was declared dead in 1939.

A Wonder Woman

It is not so much that Amelia, known as Meeley or Millie to close family and friends, piloted a plane, although this was and is impressive.   She was determined to push the boundaries and become something that women were never thought to be: A Hero. Amelia Earhart became a role model for millions of young people who dreamed of doing something and then made it happen.  When she first flew, at a Californian air show, she knew she was meant to fly. Her superpower was her ability to make this happen against the odds.

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