September 03, 2019 2 min read

When it comes to female empowerment, Regen Shanzer has got it down to a tee (quite literally!) As a lawyer by day and children’s designer by night, Regen has taken on the mission of celebrating strong women through children’s clothing.

My-Tee Girls is the name of the brand and mighty girls are exactly what she is creating. Regen is stirring up a real storm within the fashion community by taking a clothing brand and combining it with history. Not only are the prints within the range inspired by incredible women from the past, but each item of clothing comes with a fact card to explain exactly who the piece was inspired by.

Regen hopes that by spreading the knowledge in this innovative way, young girls will become educated on the strong women who have influenced the world we live in. She hopes to encourage both the children and their parents to explore, learn and grow as a by-product of purchasing and wearing items from her niche, independent brand.

After having two young children herself, Regen became even more aware of the need to let children know that they can achieve anything they want to. They are not bound by expectations or stereotypes, they are free to develop into exactly the person they wish to be. Not content just instilling this in her own children, Regen is attempting to use her creativity and love of fashion to reach out to a wider audience of children and their parents and the world better watch out, because Regen won’t stop until she succeeds!

Take a look at some of the pieces from this brand here, with iconic pieces inspired by women such as Amelia Earhart, Mary Anning and Dr. Lisa White.